Desk Job Killing your Neck and Upper Back? Here are 3 Steps to Fix that

So you have a desk job and the countless hours of sitting is killing your neck and upper back? You are at the right place.

Why is your neck and upper back so sore?

1.We were not meant to sit on our butts the entire day.

We were meant to function from our pelvis and now you are using the thing that should produce power and functionality as a pillow. And yes this has an effect on your neck.

2.You are probably not sitting correctly.

And I know that you try to focus on your posture, but pay attention next time when an email comes through or you really need to focus. Yes a replica of the hunchback will stare right back at you.

3.Your body is trying to protect itself.
neck pan

Your head is dangling in-front of your body. Your body knows it’s not suppose to be there so it tries to bring it back by using your neck and upper-back muscles. After days and weeks of trying to hold onto your head your muscles get tired and spasms start to form to help with the task.

Here are 3 steps to fix your neck and upper back pain.

1.You have to setup an Ergonomic workstation.

The picture below gives good general guidelines. We do an in-depth guide on how to setup a very effective ergonomic workstation in our exclusive membership area, that is coming soon.

2. Do these 3 exercises regularly.

They will start to correct your posture by strengthening all your weak postural muscles. And bring relief to your pain because of the mobilize of the targeted joints and muscles. (Click on the arrow to swipe to the 3 different videos and click play)

3. Stand up and move more.

Every half an hour STAND UP, go get a glass of water/some fresh air. Squeeze your glutes (bum muscles) 10 times, walk with high knees for 10 meters, twist and turn your body, touch your toes and then continue working.

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